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"Are Dentists Scary?"  is the very first Tooth Bunny story by Dr TaTa.

The original STORY & IllustrationS completed in 2012.

The big day is here. First dental visit for Little Kit Tooth Bunny. Kit is scared. Kit's older brother and sister have been telling Kit how horrible the dentist can be. A neighbour Tooth Bunny encouraged Kit to be brave and find out the truth by visiting the dentist. So, what did Kit discover? Are dentists really scary?

HAPPY "TOMMY" DAY is a Tooth Bunny story for those ready to give up their dummy sucking habit.


Timmy Tooth Bunny announced, "I'm BIG now. I don't need my dummy (that's TOMMY) anymore. I'm going to celebrate this special day. I will remember today as Happy "Tommy" Day!" How will Timmy Tooth Bunny celebrate Happy "Tommy" Day? Do you have a "Tommy" and are you ready to celebrate your own Happy "Tommy" Day?