Children's oral health is integral to children's general health, development, learning and well-being. Tooth Bunny® hopes to support children in achieving good oral health for a lifetime, with the help of the adults in their lives. Afterall, "it takes a village to raise a child".

Tooth Bunny® is a paediatric oral health education and resource platform, which provides practical, evidence-based information to interested adults, as well as creative works and learning activities for children.  All Tooth Bunny® content (including but not limited to text, illustrations, hand-crafted products, videos, tunes) are the work of Annetta unless otherwise specified. 

From time to time, Tooth Bunny® also contribute to:

  • Oral health incursions for children in childcares, kindergartens, early years education facilities, special education facilities and schools,
  • Paediatric oral health presentations and workshops for interested groups and organizations,
  • Oral health seminars for childcare workers, educators, health and allied health practitioners and others,
  • Individual consultative assistance with drafting and/or development of paediatric oral health related care plans, papers, lessons and resources,
  • Development of oral health resources including print and digital, for young children and children with special needs,
  • Customised oral health coaching e.g. for special needs children and their families and/or carers,
  • Community projects and initiatives

Tooth Bunny® is happy to work with individuals, groups, companies and organizations to make a difference for children.  For more information or if you would like to collaborate with Tooth Bunny®, please email: info@toothbunny.com.


Tooth Bunny's vision is, for little ones to enjoy life, free of preventable oral diseases.

Tooth Bunny's mission is, to encourage and empower little ones in developing good oral health and dental confidence, with the help from adults in their lives (parents, grandparents, carers, teachers, health practitioners, etc..); because good oral health is critical to good general health, growing, learning and well-being. 

Tooth Bunny's philosophy is based on the belief that best oral health care is achieved by beginning from age zero and reinforced throughout childhood with the help of everyone who contribute to children's health, learning and well-being. Effective oral care habits are essential life skills, that if established well from early childhood, provide potential lifelong benefits. 

Tooth Bunny's motto is, drink water, brush & floss, don't let germies be your boss.


TOOTH BUNNY® is one mum and dentist's journey in hoping to make a difference. A journey aimed at helping to protect children's priceless smiles against preventable oral diseases and the lifelong adverse effects from persistent oral diseases and pain. A journey, that hopes to empower and support children, families and others, by making available evidence-based information and practical resources. A journey that believes, together we can make a real difference.

Tooth Bunny is Dr Annetta Tsang's "brainchild". The idea came about while she was a postgraduate student in paediatric dentistry. Back then, as a young mum, studying and working in dentistry and oral health, Annetta was surprised by the many times she heard, "How come no one ever told us that?"  from patients, students, families and friends. So she thought perhaps one day, Tooth Bunny could help convey dental and oral health messages to the families she would look after. Yet, doubts stopped her from making Tooth Bunny known to the world.

Her young daughter and husband were convinced that Tooth Bunny should be progressed and even contributed to the designing of various Tooth Bunny characters.. In the end, it was the words of her daughter that to action,  "You have to help other kids so they can have great teeth like me... Tooth Bunny can help lots of kids; even kids who don't get to visit dentists. I will do this with you." 

Tooth Bunny® eventually launched on World Cavity Free Future Day (#WCFFDay) - 4 October 2016.