“This is a book written by an experienced paediatric dentist to encourage families to read to their children about dental hygiene. As you work your way through the alphabet the family learns important tips on how to protect healthy teeth and smiles. It is delightfully illustrated and simple to read and a must for all families who want to promote both healthy teeth and early reading!”
Associate Professor Susan Moloney - Director of Paediatrics, Gold Coast University Hospital; President, Paediatrics and Child Health Division, Royal Australasian College of Physicians


“Dr Tsang is a rare individual who has sub-specialised in the field of children’s dentistry. Dr Tsang has been able to distil her years of training and experience into the Tooth Bunny alphabet. This book is a beautifully presented and illustrated book about dental health of people of all ages, but primarily aimed at children via their parents. The format follows a simple A to Z strategy with each double page containing a simple message about how to maintain optimal dental health. Whilst the keys messages are straightforward, they are scaffolded with the scientific evidence base to add more depth for parents needing greater detail. The suggestions around caring for teeth in infancy, healthy foods and feeding practices are excellent. I highly recommend this book for parents of children of all ages.”
Dr Doug Shelton – Churchill Fellow; Clinical Director of Community Child Health; Medical Director of Women’s & Children’s Health Services, Gold Coast Health


 “Getting teeth off to a good start early in life is the key to maintaining good teeth for a lifetime. In a field where there are very few books available for parents, it is encouraging to see such a positive publication that is sure to inspire many to maintain their child’s teeth in great shape!”
Dr Sue Taji – Paediatric Dental Specialist, Brisbane; Vice-President, Australian and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry


“The presentation and illustrations are gay and eye-catching and should draw children into the experience. The link with the letters in the alphabet should assist memory of the message and normalise the dental experiences in the context of another early childhood learning experience. The information is accurate, clear and succinct. Dr Tsang has managed to condense the message without losing the essential details. I like the way there is one message at a time for folks to “take in”. Congratulations!”
Dr Lynette McAllan – Past Director, Oral Health Education Unit, Queensland Health


“We enjoyed the book and loved the pictures. It was really informative and amazing illustrations.”
Dr Tung Vu – Paediatrician, Gold Coast


“It’s a very good idea to raise awareness of oral health in children. The pictures are great and meaningful and the amount of words is just right. And I learned a lot from it too. Valuable advice.”
Mrs Clarissa Law – Pharmacist, Brisbane


"Congratulations to Dr Tsang on this great production. No doubt the prevention of dental diseases in children has to be a family affair. The parents require precise, evidence-based information, the children need their parents to read these information with them so everyone in the family is on the same page. This is a must read for all families with children, and also all parents-to-be."  

Dr Kar Mun Chan - Principal Specialist Paediatric Dentist, Kiddies Dental Care, Melbourne, mother with 2 school-aged children


Toothy Tooth Bunny shared that persistent toothaches are bad news for health. Prevention is always better than cure.

Toothy Tooth Bunny shared that persistent toothaches are bad news for health. Prevention is always better than cure.