Handy tips for choosing the right toothbrush. For example, how do you use your finger to determine if the size of the toothbrush head is right for you?
A Tooth Bunny animation, recommending some foods that are healthy for teeth and body. Key message: Eat a balanced diet for health.
A Tooth Bunny animation about what 3S food and drinks are? 3S = sugar + sour + sticky. Why are 3S food and drinks problematic when it comes to good oral health?
Wobbly baby teeth are "big deals" to most children, especially the first wobbly tooth. Make a Toothy's tooth pouch together with your child, in preparation for this celebration-worthy occasion. Use the tooth pouch to store the "wobbled out" tooth for safe keeping or use the pouch for the all exciting Tooth Fairy event.
Toothy Tooth Bunny shows you how to make a Teething Bunny chew toy. Quick, simple, washable and replaceable...it may just be the solution for some children who loves to chew chew chew.